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I am currently working on my site. Come back June 1st for real-life information from a long-term successful bariatric surgery patient. A place to find great information and support if you are looking at changing your life with Bariatric Surgery. You can get answers to questions like:

Or maybe you had surgery, and you just lost your way, and are feeling like you can’t get back on the horse. Our aim as a community is to help in making your efforts productive and successful. And a place where real-life people (not AI chatbots or algos) share the tools that made them successful. We will also be putting together a podcast, where we will have proven and verified bariatric surgery success stories, surgeons, and medical professionals that will help us in every aspect of weight loss surgery. We will also have recommended reading in the weight loss surgery space.

“Does Bariatric Surgery help with Diabetes?”

“What to eat after bariatric surgery?”

“What do I need for long-term success after bariatric surgery?”

“How to maintain weight loss after bariatric surgery”