A lot of people wants to get married at a beach, that is why so many come to this island, to have their dream wedding. Ashley and Eric came from California to get married like this, but this was very different from any other wedding I have done, they were only a handful of friends and they had a blast in a simple beach in Yabucoa. They were no chairs, no gazebos or tents,  they were only friends, good drinks and music. They were dancing with the sounds of the waves come and go, getting their feet wet. They had the time of their life and the images are proof of that.























I love early morning shoots, the light is soft and the weather is always cooler. That is how our early session started, with Sofia & Juan a lovely couple that met at med school. They are a young couple that are getting married soon in the states and wanted me to grab some pictures of them expressing their love. Both are very shy and at first it was kind of hard getting them to express passion and love in front of me, but as soon the time passed they felt more comfortable in front of the camera and got along with their feelings. One of my rules is that I don’t pressure the couple, I only guide them in what to do and if they feel comfortable doing it, if not I’ll try something else that will please them and have their approval. By the end of the session their shyness was overwhelmed by their love.







What a beautiful place to celebrate their wedding other than the Serrallés Mansion. Finally the day had arrived for Wilcelys & Francisco, after months of preparation, getting all the details in place the big day is here.  The Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral was full of the guests for this special occasion, they were witness of the holy seal in matrimony of this great couple. After the ceremony we took a couple of minutes to set a small shoot on the city for the newlyweds and then headed for the big reception up in the Vigia Hill. Witness of this celebration were the whole city with such spectacular view. Wedding Planner – Aida Rodriguez.



Cycling is an aerobic exercise that provides many health benefits. Improved cardiovascular performance by increasing the heart rate and lowers blood pressure, reducing the risk of having a heart attack. It also reduces the negative cholesterol and increasing the positive which is what protects the blood vessels. Excellent exercise to tone and strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks, without damaging the joints. For second year in a row I was part of the  MED BIKE RALLY. This awesome non- competitive event consists on three routes: MTB Route of 55 miles over paved roads and cross country trails between 4 municipalities. The Road Route of 50 miles, between 4 municipalities and the Short Route 25 miles, this one is for amateur cyclist and it can be done on a MTB or road bike as well “fixies” ones. We had this year over 1500 cyclists of all ages and gender, since this is a non competition event, the riders can do it at their own pace. I was assigned to the road course, and we had over 550 riders. We did four stops over the whole course where the riders can drink some fluids and eat different fruits and snacks to recover their energy to continue the demanding course. Of the different riders witness one who had a peacemaker, I took a picture of him and he let me know of his condition. You can feel the emotion of the riders when they talk to each other on the oasis, the joy and satisfaction of riding together and the fellowship between them. The organization responsible for this event is Consejo de Salud de PR – Med Centro. According to their web site: “We are a community organization of comprehensive primary health care services dedicated to providing quality care to patients with particular emphasis on clinical excellence, patient safety and a passion unparalleled and commitment to make sure we provide only the best health care, ancillary services and support services to those who attended, regardless of their socioeconomic status”. I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of Med Centro for the opportunity  they gave me, specially to their Executive Director Sr. Allan Cintrón Salichs.


Recently we headed to our capital city of San Juan, but more specific to Old San Juan, where you will find historic forts and awesome buildings that dates back to the Spanish rule on the island. Our couple were Wilcelys & Francisco, both who have a very special profession of service, they are both nurses. The day was awesome beautiful, blue skies and very windy. We headed first to the San Felipe del Morro Fort and then went around different streets and locations of this beautiful and romantic city. The couple told me that this was their first professional photo session and was unaware of that, because they perform great and were very cooperative with ideas and suggestions. We had a great time and the images are loyal proof of that.



There are moments in time that everything aligns in place and the results are spectacular. That was the case of Ana Rosa & Jonathon. They came from Florida to get married in the beautiful Serralles Mansion in Ponce, but that was not coincidence, Ana Rosa is from Ponce but have her business in the states. She was the kind of bride who wants everything in perfect order, but knows how to get it in an elegant manner. She knows the wedding business because she is a wedding officiant in Florida, “Florida Wedding Officiant Services” that way she know how to set the ball rolling at the moment of her wedding. Everything came out as planned, but that wasn’t a coincidence, she brought with her an awesome wedding planner and also a wedding officiant, Eilleen Morales from Ever After Wedding Officiants. Since my task was to capture every moment of the wedding, I contacted a colleague of mine to shoot part of the wedding in order to be sure that I have every moment posible on film. This had been one of the best weddings in my experience. Congratulations to Ana Rosa & Jonathon.  Make-up of the bride by Confesor Bermudez.





















Lately I had been into cycling again. I said again because some time ago I was into Mountain Bike Cycling, but because of my duties as a father and other stuff I decided to quit and put all my efforts into what was important to me at that point in life. Now several years later I’m back and this time along with my family. This hobby or recreation has led me to start shooting some cycling events, as a couple of Grand Fondo and small rides for kids. Doing this is not as easy at it seems, you have to in front of the action and be in the perfect place to capture that shot. Also you have to know your equipment because you have no time to failure. Here I share some of the images that I took in some of these events, a Grand Fondo (88 km) , MTB Endurance Race 80 km) and a MTB Circuit for kids.











It had been quite a lot since my last post, lot of work and great sport activities on my calendar. I met this great couple from Tampa FL, who visited our island to have a good time and to be capture by my lens in the surroundings of the Old San Juan. I met Emily and Orlys the same day of the shooting, all our conversations were via email.  After the meeting and formal presentation was done we went to our location to start the shooting. It was a awesome sunny day and the weather was excellent.  They’re getting married on the island on the next spring in Hacienda Siesta Alegre in Rio Grande. I’m so excited because it is one of my favorite venues to shoot.








In just two words is how I describe this couple. Veronica & Angel love to ride bicycle it is their favorite past time, so when we were scheduling an engagement session this is what they had in mind, to be photographed while riding. I had so much fun doing this pictures, it was a great session with a wonderful couple that love each other above all.

I had been away for a while, lot of work and personal stuff. I want to share this story. Megan & Jamie are from Florida, they came to the island to get engaged, but the thing is that Megan didn’t knew anything until the moment that Jamie pop the question. He call me about 2 weeks in advance about his plans and I said OK. The day came and I went to the hotel that they were staying and I met him for the first time and set some logistics about the shooting. We planned to do it in the San Geronimo Fort in San Juan and that I will be there as a tourist taking pictures and follow them to the spot where he will propose to her. That is exactly how we did it, I followed them and took couple of pictures of them and BOOM he kneel in front of her and proposed. She was really surprised and her expression says it all. After that we went to take a couple of candids on the same fort and along the Old San Juan.