Med Bike Rally 2014


Cycling is an aerobic exercise that provides many health benefits. Improved cardiovascular performance by increasing the heart rate and lowers blood pressure, reducing the risk of having a heart attack. It also reduces the negative cholesterol and increasing the positive which is what protects the blood vessels. Excellent exercise to tone and strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks, without damaging the joints. For second year in a row I was part of the  MED BIKE RALLY. This awesome non- competitive event consists on three routes: MTB Route of 55 miles over paved roads and cross country trails between 4 municipalities. The Road Route of 50 miles, between 4 municipalities and the Short Route 25 miles, this one is for amateur cyclist and it can be done on a MTB or road bike as well “fixies” ones. We had this year over 1500 cyclists of all ages and gender, since this is a non competition event, the riders can do it at their own pace. I was assigned to the road course, and we had over 550 riders. We did four stops over the whole course where the riders can drink some fluids and eat different fruits and snacks to recover their energy to continue the demanding course. Of the different riders witness one who had a peacemaker, I took a picture of him and he let me know of his condition. You can feel the emotion of the riders when they talk to each other on the oasis, the joy and satisfaction of riding together and the fellowship between them. The organization responsible for this event is Consejo de Salud de PR – Med Centro. According to their web site: “We are a community organization of comprehensive primary health care services dedicated to providing quality care to patients with particular emphasis on clinical excellence, patient safety and a passion unparalleled and commitment to make sure we provide only the best health care, ancillary services and support services to those who attended, regardless of their socioeconomic status”. I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of Med Centro for the opportunity  they gave me, specially to their Executive Director Sr. Allan Cintrón Salichs.


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