Back to film…

I thought that I never was going to shoot film again. The digital age had been a fierce storm of gadgets and camera equipment getting better every  time. Recently I read a newspaper article about the magic of photography, the way the digital revolution had killed some of that magic. “I remember that it was a process in which you visualized the image, make the proper adjustments on camera, take the shot and the wait until the film is developed to see finally if your image is the same as you imagined before, the digital photography kill that magic process of creation”, this is a quote from the newspaper article. I totally agree with that, the easy fast way in which you see the results on the LCD of the camera just kill that creative process.  That moment I knew that I have to get back shooting some film, to find out some of that creativity again, so I went in a search of a camera. I knew that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money in some film equipment, I wanted something simple, easy to work. After a research I found a simple rangefinder, a Canon Canonet QL 17 G III. I bought it on Ebay for the big amount of $75.00. The condition is excellent, almost like new, the light meter works (only on auto aperture mode), the lens is in pristine condition, almost no marks or scratches on the body. Although it is a small camera but  is a metal body and quite heavy for the size.  To shoot in manual mode I’ve been using my Sekonic handheld light meter. My plan is to use it in some wedding events along with my Nikon digital equipment and see the results of it, just like a vintage photography or so.  So far, I’m enjoying every moment with it, trying to focus more on composition and just taking the time in every frame. I’ll post the results.

  • Noel Del Pilar - November 8, 2011 - 8:08 PM

    I had a Canonet 28 years ago, it was similar tomyour camera. I have now a Canon Elan 7NE to take some pictures on film too. I have a couple of Fuji NPH 400 film and some Kodak Portra 800 that was a gift from Kodak at the PhotoPlus Convention.
    I think that film is back again… Digital takes too much time processing, etc.ReplyCancel

    • Nestor Ruiz - November 8, 2011 - 8:32 PM

      Definitely film is back. I still have my stainless steel canister to develop B & W and all the tools to do it, even my dark bag. Maybe I will buy a Nikon SLR body. Warm regards Noel.

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